Power BI

Data can't be put to any use until and unless it makes sense.

The pieces of the data puzzle need to be put together for them to be able to convey any meaning. The faster you can bring data into a coherent form, the faster you can use it to help your business grow. Power BI helps you do just that. It helps users to connect to data, and visualize it with the help of readable models. You can, in fact, choose how much or how little data you want to visualize.

Power BI is basically a business intelligence tool that helps you gain actionable insights into data obtained from different sources. By allowing for better and faster data analysis, Power BI can help business managers, corporate executives, and other users make intelligent business decisions. Since this BI tool helps convert data into easy-to-understand analysis reports and interactive dashboards, even those who are not hard-core techies can conveniently use it.

Power BI Capabilities

The Architecture of Power BI

  • The architecture of Power BI involves three major steps- data integration, data processing, and data presentation.
  • In the data integration stage, data from various sources are collected and given one common format.
  • At the data processing stage, refinement of data is carried out. For instance, missing and redundant values will be removed from the collected data.
  • Lastly, at the data presentation stage, data is released to be viewed by users in the form of dashboards and reports.

Power BI Amazing Tools

  • Power BI Mobile Apps
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power BI Data Gateway
  • Power BI service
  • Power BI Desktop

Key Features

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is an interactive tool that allows you to build reports by easily accessing data. You do not have to possess advanced report designing, Excel Power, or queries skills to build a report with this powerful tool. Power BI Desktop is a free to download tool that allows you to create exceptional reports without much technical knowledge.

Import Excel Data

This is a new feature added to Power BI; it allows the user to import data from Excel Sheets. With this feature, Excel Power users have more functionality to work with using the Power BI.

Custom Visualization

Every organization functions in a different manner and they have their own way of doing things, sometimes the standard way is always the way to go. The same applies to visualization. Power BI has a default standard and might not be sufficient in some cases due to complex data. However, you can access the custom library of visualization to design a visualization that meets your needs.

Power Q&A Question Box

This integrated function within the Microsoft Power BI allows you to explore data by asking questions and the software gives answers in the form of visualizations. You can use the Q&A to modify dashboards and reports. Q&A also helps you find the right question and provides the most correct answer.

Why Dynamics 365 Power BI?

Power BI is a self-service business analytics tool developed by Microsoft; you can access it using any of the popular browsers connected to the internet.

The platform provides you with the capability to analyze and visualize data, extract insights and share it across various departments within your organization. It allows efficient decision-making driven by empirical data. With the help of Power BI, you can gather data from more than a hundred sources and accumulate them in one platform, bringing data to life with intuitive dashboards and reports.