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Graphic designing its an art form of representing your brand with a sense of creativity by using fonts, colours, styles, icons which all together create a visual image and that is the communication towards your customers. The better you create, the better the chances to grow your business by beating all your competitors with the eye-catching graphic designing.

Why graphic design is important to your business?

Have you heard about this famous phrase that is “First Impression is the best impression.” Yes, that is very important if you are presenting something you need to create the first impression as the best one. So, you can continue a relationship with another person.

For example:

They are two designing brochures in your hand.

The first one is very attractive with their usage of fonts, colours combination which creates less stress on the eyes.

The second one is like okay they done good in fonts, colours combinations but their spacing between the sentences is not fine. So, it creates stress on your eyes. You need to read it with more consciousness. But, remember not everyone is going to do that. So, you will lose customers there is no second interaction, he will choose the first one.

So, Graphic Designing is so important in these competitive world to attract you customers and to keep stick on with you.

How does it help to grow your business?

Good graphics always plays a vital role in attracting customers it is like a golden nugget to your business and if you use it properly business turns into a brand. See all your competitors mostly will do the same thing what you do right. So you need to create something more. Everyone tries their best for the customer satisfaction but not everyone is turning their customer base to a loyal base.

For example

If a person wants to buy a Tee- Shirt in online. He will go to the different e-commerce sites the first thing he notices when ever he clicks through your e-commerce site. And if your design is not so user interactive he just bounces off from your site.

So, if you don’t have  attractive template you will lose the customer.

What do we do?

We are always customer-centric and we will understand the motive of your business according to that we start designing to turn your mission towards your vision.

How do we do?

When it comes to graphic designing we mainly focus on four important elements.

1) Fonts.

2) Line Spacing.

3) Colour Therapy.

4) Icons.


1) How we use Fonts?

We have an idea about how to use fonts according to your business requirements. We strongly believe that font is a storyteller of your business. As we understand the psychology of your business customers according to that we will select the fonts. So that we can present your business more engaging to your customers.

For example:

You have a food business and you came to us for boarding. Firstly we listen to all your ideas and then we study your business psychology how it will attract your customers with that mindset start designing your boarding.

2) Line Spacing

The line spacing will play an important role to keep your reader more engaged so that he can read your business information and they convert into customers. We care a lot in the spacing in between the lines, letters, words and even in the paragraph spacing too.

3) Colour Therapy

Colours matter a lot in presenting brand and it is also the most powerful way to attract the customer it creates a certain change in both psychologically and biological in a person.

About this, a survey also conducted and the result is something unbelievable around 84.7% of the people will pick a product by looking at the colour.

Firstly we listen to your suggestions about colours and we act according to that. In case if we a choice to pick a colour we go through the colour therapy.

For example

If you run a mediationcentre and you came to us for a logo design. Now, we will look at the colour psychology. Mediation is all about making your mind peaceful and for the mindfulness. So, we will design a logo with colours which represents the peacefulness.

So, now we will choose a white colour in the background as colour psychology says that white is colour which represents peacefulness and cleanliness. Even many of us know this white represents peace.

Now, when it comes to the logo we take colour related to green because green is something which represents nature and even mediation is also a part of our nature right. And the colour green shows a kind of pleasantness to our mind.

In this manner, we consider colour therapy to grow your business.


We, believe that icon is the storyteller of the business and its like a stamp. We, look at your business requirements and according to that we make it interactive, clarifying and helps to enrich your business. Not only in logo we use where ever if your business content requires it. As, it helps to understand your content more easily.