Achieve precision in sales forecasting and pipeline follow-through

To get the deal, salespeople need to be able to predict customer needs while meeting them with the personal attention and commitment needed to earn customer trust. We help sales organizations from various industries streamline and automate their sales processes, from lead to quote and through the ordering process. We will analyze and deploy customized business process mapping, rapid development, training, and support for end-users to ensure your sales team is instantly productive without missing a beat, or a deal.

Sales Capabilities

Customer Overview

  • Contact data management
  • Customer history
  • Classification and segmentation information
  • Presentation of key figures for each customer
  • SharePoint integration for digital customer files
  • Interface to the accounting system
  • Powerful search functions
  • Integration of LinkedIn profiles

Master data management

  • Business partner management (prospects, customers, competitors, partners, etc.).
  • Mapping of international corporations’ key account structures.
  • Multi-sector customer views and processes.
  • Automatic duplicate checking.
  • AI support for assessing the quality of customer relationships.

Activity management

  • Creation and tracking of appointments, tasks and emails.
  • Complete Outlook integration.
  • Telephone system integration and automatic number recognition.
  • Microsoft 365 integration of Skype, OneNote, Teams, etc.
  • LinkedIn integration (sales navigator).
  • Visit reporting.

Lead and sales opportunity management

  • Record leads and new prospects.
  • Process-controlled development of leads to sales opportunities.
  • Quotation and contract management with possible ERP integration.
  • AI support for optimizing your closing rates.

Key Features

Impactful Insight

Get real-time, consolidated insight to identify and act on the most profitable opportunities and trends.

Relationship Management

Engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels with signals when relationships are at risk.

Sales Productivity

Guided workflows and automation help your team spend more time selling and less time entering data.

Sales Performance

Use advanced scoring models to identify priority leads, improve conversion rates and see how customers are interacting.

Linkedin Integration

Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator to boost social selling, find leads and make meaningful introductions.

Artificial Intelligence

Enjoy contextual artificial intelligence that helps you focus on the right customers at the right time.

Collaborative Selling

Easily collaborate on deals with integrated tools like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, and more.

Scalable Functionality

We have access to hundreds of prebuilt applications on AppSource to enhance and customize your solutions.

Why Dynamics 365 Sales?

Bring together the entire sales team to facilitate the buyer journey

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent platform that offers best-in-class sales automation capable of managing your entire business development process end-to-end. This provides your sales team with the tools required to support them in winning more deals, enhancing productivity, and fostering existing relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a sales management software designed to help your organization gain a 360-degree view of critical business development processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and more effectively collaborate across pursuit teams. Our services include consulting, roadmap development, implementation, quality assurance, maintenance, integration, and migration.