Project Operations

Visibility, collaboration, and insight – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations enables sales, resource optimization, project management, and financial reporting under a single business application.

In the digital transformation era, the lines between CRM and ERP are blurring. Project based businesses need a solution containing functionality from each of these technologies in order to equip the entire organization from the sales manager to the project accountant. Empower your project based organization with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations!

Project Operations Capabilities

Streamline Project Operations

  • Drive operational success by winning more business, expediting project delivery, and increasing the overall profitability of jobs.
  • Housing all processes and data under a single platform enables Artificial Intelligence capabilities for better and faster decision making.
  • Quickly and accurately deliver project quotes and estimates with seamless project pricing flexibility.

Optimized Resources

  • Improved customer satisfaction helps project service teams give customers accurate timeline and cost detail.
  • Inbuilt management and forecast tools help everyone keep on track and achieve project goals.
  • Empowering teams enables resources to update their profiles and skills to help project managers effectively allocate them.
  • Through the native scheduling tools, each resource can understand the high level detail before commencing a project.
  • Scheduling and resource management features provide real-time transparency into the availability and utilization of resources.

Key Features

Omni-Channel Project Management

Enable employees and customers to collaborate on any channel so they stay informed, engaged, and unified.

Planning & Forecasting

Make proactive decisions and plans so you never have to wait until the end of the project to find out what happened.

Real-Time Project Visibility

Consolidate all your project data from multiple sources so you can drill down into the KPIs that matter to each role.

Resource Scheduling

Anticipate your resource needs to sustain high utilization rates, then impress customers with multi-channel notifications.

Automated Workflows

We can create automated, guided, role-specific workflows so employees get more work done in a fraction of the time.

Time & Expense Management

Easily record time and expenses on the go, automate approvals, and link costs to the right project every time.

Cross-Project Connection

Prioritize projects, allocate inventory and expenses, and coordinate resources across multiple projects.

Scalable Platform

Easily extend your functionality and tailor your solution with project-related applications built to integrate with Dynamics 365.

Why Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Project-based business involves a specific set of operational challenges and solution usage dynamics compared to other business models.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps you successfully manage your customer projects profitably and productively. Helping your team create productive relationships by reliability setting and meeting customer expectations, is central to the overall long-term success of project-centric businesses. By using intelligent tools and enabling staff to work more efficiently, Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides a comprehensively complete view of the client relationship. At Netwoven, being a project-based business ourselves, we fully understand these unique success factors first-hand. This puts us in a uniquely authoritative position when performing the implementation, process analysis, and delivery required to ensure a successful implementation.