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What Makes Microsoft Dynamics The Best Erp Software For Small And Medium Enterprises?

Running a smaller company can feel like managing a circus. You’re constantly juggling different acts and working hard to keep the show running smoothly. Unfortunately, one slight misstep can throw the entire thing off. Because they have very little room for error, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must make the best use of the resources at their disposal. For that reason, they need to ensure they’re investing in the best ERP software for small and medium enterprises.

Microsoft Dynamics provides SMBs with a practical solution that expands and grows with the organization. In addition, it gives smaller companies the kind of insights that helps them compete with larger enterprises. That makes Microsoft Dynamics one of the best ERP for small enterprises solutions.   

Below are some tips on why you might want to consider Microsoft Dynamics as a cloud ERP for SMB.


One of the challenges of bringing new technology into an organization is getting people to rethink how they do business. Business leaders want justifications for spending money on a new software platform. For that reason, you must pull together a solid business case that explains why Microsoft Dynamics is the best ERP for SMB choice.

Before you present your case, make sure you’ve researched all of Microsoft Dynamics’ features. That way, you can calculate ROI and show how the ERP can improve various business functions. One of the best ways to show why Microsoft Dynamics should be your cloud ERP for SMB selection is to show how it can reduce the hours it takes to complete your most tedious business tasks.

You need buy-in from company leaders to truly change the culture at your company. Once you have their support, it becomes easier to get employees to adapt to the changes brought about by your investment in Microsoft Dynamics as an ERP for small enterprises.


It’s easy to get comfortable with how things are going. Many SMBs unconsciously try to configure new software to conform to their old way of doing business. For that reason, a smaller company may need some help laying out a path forward when it comes to updating the way they conduct their day-to-day work.

For that reason, it often helps to bring in a company like Internet eBusiness Solutions to help with the transition and make you feel that you've made the best ERP for SMB choice. They can help you analyze your current business process and provide you with assistance like:

  • Identifying and reducing silos within your company
  • Configure dashboards that provide you with real-time business insights
  • Show you how to integrate your current business applications and systems with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Help you configure your Microsoft Dynamics solution to your industry
  • Guide you adapting Microsoft Dynamics to scale with your business needs


One of the features that help Microsoft Dynamics stand out as a top choice for best ERP software for small and medium enterprises is its automated workflow capabilities. For example, you can configure the cloud ERP for SMB to complete tasks like automating the shipping preferences or notifying you when you’re running low on inventory.

You can vastly increase the efficiency of your organization by properly enabling Microsoft Dynamics automation. It’s another area where Internet eBusiness Solutions can be of assistance. We can locate bottlenecks caused by manual labor and help eliminate them with automated workflows through Microsoft Dynamics. Our goal is to make sure you come away happy that you've made the best ERP for SMB selection.


One reason that Microsoft Dynamics is thought of as the best ERP for small enterprises is how well it integrates with popular Office 365 business software. For example, you can feed data from Microsoft Dynamics into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. In addition, you can view SharePoint calendars directly from your Microsoft Dynamics instance.

In addition to Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics can be used applications like:

  • Microsoft Teams — Enable collaboration within teams by providing uses with a space to edit documents and share files.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator — Connect directly to LinkedIn to access profiles, find leads, and send you alerts about any changes. That can become a valuable tool for sales and marketing teams.
  • Power BI — Use Microsoft Dynamics with Power BI and create a centralized location for all essential data within your company. That way, analysts can quickly spot trends and locate potential issues before they impact the entire organization.

The above is just a sampling of what makes Microsoft Dynamics a top cloud ERP for SMB choice.


The biggest reason why Microsoft Dynamics is so popular as an ERP for small enterprises is how it helps smaller companies manage their resources. When you use the cloud ERP for SMB to cut down on manual processes by employees, you can:

  • Improve the flow of your business operations
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork that adds to costs
  • Improve customer service by streamlining
  • Increase information accuracy through automation
  • Cut down on errors caused by humans